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Resource Community Policy 

Last Revised:  January 17, 2024


Use of Ask a Mediator® (hereafter known as AAM) website (Site), services, mobile application, and products (hereafter collectively known as Services) is NOT permitted by individuals under the age of majority in their state of residence and is NEVER permitted for individuals under the age of 13.

The Resource Community is defined as customers who access, browse, or use AAM Services and mediators approved by AAM to list their services through a profile on the AAM Site and mobile application.

By accessing, browsing, or using AAM Services, you are agreeing to the terms of the Resource Community Policy, Legal Notice and Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. AAM may, in its sole discretion, update this Resource Community Policy at any time and from time to time, by posting the amended Resource Community Policy on the Site. The revised or amended Resource Community Policy shall be effective upon posting. Any access to or use of the Site following such update shall be deemed consent to such update. All visitors and users are therefore encouraged to refer back to this page regularly. This Resource Community Policy may not be otherwise amended without the written consent of the AAM owners.

Although it is counter intuitive to develop a conduct policy for our valued customers and mediation professionals, current societal trends require us to outline acceptable conduct when accessing, browsing, and using AAM Services, responding to questions asked by customers, and commenting on previous posts made by AAM Service users.

Thank you in advance for strictly complying with this Resource Community Policy. While we are devoted to free speech, we reserve the right to remove any content that does not respect this policy or that detracts from our customer’s experience. 


Name-calling, disrespectful rudeness, veiled or direct threats, demeaning others, harassment, displays of bigotry or lewdness is not acceptable and will be removed.

Reviews or ratings of mediators listing their services on AAM are not accepted.

Valued customers, please remember:

To ask questions directly related to your mediation, dispute or conflict resolution concern. Specific details may not be necessary. Spam or irrelevant content may be removed at the discretion of AAM.   

When posting questions or comments, do not give out personal information such as home or email addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, work location, etc. 

Mediation professionals, please remember:

To answer questions with the goal of helping the customer get acquainted with the mediation process and assess if mediation is an option for them to address the conflict or dispute they are experiencing.

Do not invite those asking questions to contact you directly, and do not add contact information or links to your website in answers or answer disclaimers. The content of your answers should always remain non-commercial in tone.

When responding to questions or comments use specific language that will be beneficial to the customer.  

Posting statements that are solicitations such as “Hire Me” or “You need a Mediator” are not professional responses. Use your AAM profile to share information about your business or practice with our AAM customers. Do not directly solicit customers as part of an answer or comment. Direct solicitations include language such as "call me, contact me, go to my website, etc.”. Direct solicitations will be removed. A link to your profile is displayed next to each of your postings, so contact information is already available to readers who wish to contact you.

Failure to comply with any element of this Resource Community Policy may result in the temporary or permanent loss of posting or service listing privileges.

If you have any questions or comments about this Resource Community Policy or the practices relating to our Services, please contact us at:

Ask a Mediator®

Attn: Resource Community Policy

P. O. Box 311673

New Braunfels, TX  78131

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